Video Artifact Core

All required tools to create and edit 16-bit video within AviSynth MT

Download Video Artifact Core
v.1.x, GNU GPLv2-licensed, 41 MB.
Source code is included.

VACore Features

Video Artifact Core is an aggregate of free open source programs for high-bitdepth video processing using AviSynth language.

It contains a speed-optimized mod of AviSynth MT, 8/16/32-bit core filters and service programs to read and write lossless or high-compressed 16-bit video.

The full-screen video player PlayRGB with an integrated script editor allows you to precisely control any pixel in your video.


AviSynth MT min mod x86; Filters: Avstp, aWarpSharp2, DFTTest, Dither, Eedi3, FTurn, HDRColor, HDRCore, HDRMatrix, HDRNoise, HDRSharp, Hqdn3dY, Masktools2, MosquitoNR, MVtools, nnedi3, RgTools, SmoothD2; Service programs: AviSynth-here, Beep, Filelarger, Filetime; Editors: PlayRGB; Read and write: Avs2yuv16, Wavi, x64 FFmpeg-min lossless build, x64 VPXenc, LSMASHSource lossless build.

Free Codecs Included

Audio: PCM, Flac, Alac, Opus; Video: Y4M, Lossless RGB/YUV, VP8/9, MJPEG, utVideo, Huffyuv, FFv1, PNG stream, external encoders over Avs2yuv16 up to 16-bit 4:4:4 RAW Y4M stream.

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 x64. Graphic card/GPU with DirectX9 and VMR9 support for PlayRGB editor.

VACore Changelog

If you have found a bug or an issue, feel free to report it to the author.
A training or support service is not provided. No any guarantees.