VA Denoise • Streamlet

Example of VA Premium denoise filters. Very hard noise to remove because H.264 dancing pixels artifact.

This is an example of Video Artifact Premium denoisers. The original video is 1920x1080 25p AVCHD MTS file from Sony NEX-5. It is very noised and low quality. I used many per-channel denoisers. I found a balance between resolution and motion artifacts “dancing pixels”. These artifacts usually always visible for heavy noise removal from low-bitrate H.264 sources. To fix these artifacts I used additional aggressive denoisers in U and V.

Music by Kevin MacLeod - Thinking / Radio Drama. ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

Download VA Streamlet
H.264 video, mp4 167 MB

Aggressive digital noise and dancing pixels artifact are removed. 1x crop.

A digital noise is removed, 4x crop.

A digital noise and compression artifacts from leaves, 4x crop.

A digital noise and compression artifacts from water, 4x crop.

Color digital noise artifacts from gaps, 4x crop.

Aggressive digital noise. 2x crop.

Difference / Before / After