AviSynth HDR Plugins

8/16/32-bitdepth support for AviSynth. Pro-quality post-production and color grade plugins.

x86 and x64 builds for AviSynth 2.5+/MT/Plus

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MIT Licensed. 0.2 MB

Extended Bitdepth Support

These filters add 16-bit integer (stacked and linear) and 32-bit floating point pixel types for AviSynth 2.5+. A 8-bit output if used is dithered. Very quality and fast Sierra 2-4A dithering is used in all filters.

High-quality Math

These filters produce correct dithering and precise calculation without any color shift and out-of-range truncate. They are used in our premium pro post-production software Video Artifact.

Fast and Stable

It is created in modern C++ with SSE2 instructions. The code is optimized and stable. Currently many hundreds hours of video are processed by the author. 16-bit code is faster than popular Dither library, because uses a linear memory access.

You may free distribute these open source plugins and use them in commercial and noncommercial projects. Read the included license for details.


Bitdepth Conversion

It is a core plugin for bithepth and range conversion. It is compatible with non-standard 16...255 Y-channel range, used by most modern video cameras and DSLR.

The plugin includes functions: Bitdepth, BitdepthLsb, BitdepthMsb, BitdepthMsbLsb, RangeY, RangeUV, ClampHDR.


Color Matrix and Color Correction

This filters uses very quality 32-bit floating point matrix conversion between TV standards. You can also use it for color correction in RGB and level correction in YUV.

The plugin includes one functions: Matrix.


Noise and Film Grain Generator

This filter adds a very fast random noise to Y or UV channels. It is designed to create fast and realistic film grain emulation. Two reference film grain filters are included to the distribution.

The plugin includes these functions: NoiseY, NoiseYM, NoiseUV, NoisedGrayY8, NoiseMix1Y, NoiseMix2Y.


Gamma-Corrected Sharping

This filter adds a possibility to create high quality gamma-corrected sharping using 16-bit or 8-bit resize filters. The reference bicubic sharp filter is included to the distribution.

The plugin includes these functions: UnsharpMask16Y, UnsharpMask8Y.


Color Grading and Correction

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This filter adds a possibility to use 3D LUT processing to precise color grade and color correction. It is compatible with *.cube and *3dl files. It includes also per-channel color saturation filters. Also it includes two dynamic color filters to fix lighting and hue tones if you shoot at sunset. The plugin is not free. Please purchase.

The plugin includes these functions: Cube, DynRangeY, Color, DynColor.

Updates and Improvements

If you have found a bug or an issue, feel free to report it to the author. We can help many users worldwide.